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25 Jan 2017

CES 2017 : Kyomed and Neogia announce their partnership

Press Release Kyomed & Neogia partnership

CES 2017: Neogia and Kyomed to Expose Their Shared Clinical Ambitions for Motio HWTM as a Medical Device for Sleep Apnea. The 2 start-ups closed an agreement to accelerate the outcome of connected medical devices bonded by clinical studies. In Las Vegas, they demonstrate how connected devices like Motio HWTM can confirm high clinical potential as medical devices.

Kyomed and Neogia announce their partnership to leverage common worldwide ambitions in connected health. Kyomed, a French start-up providing services in the field of personalized medicine, and Neogia, an expert in connected healthcare wearables, part of Fabulasys, attend CES 2017 on a joint booth to demonstrate how this collaboration contributes to the emergence of the next generation of connected, reliable and affordable devices for a more personalized approach of medicine. The partnership also helps to conduct successful clinical evaluation and get medical device marketing approvals for the latest innovative wearables for healthcare.

This collaboration between an e-health technology company and a medical, clinical and regulatory expert engages clinical and technological co-developments. Kyomed brings its expertise in clinical validation, medical device regulation and user experience evaluation. Neogia shares its recognized know-how in algorithmics and the conception of advanced technologies for health applications; the start-up also allows connections with US institutions specialized in sleep health. The Agreement aims to accelerate the deployment of connected health devices for which clinical benefits and reliability have been demonstrated. This helps to engage patients, practitioners, healthcare institutions and insurances to adopt and recommend such devices to improve patients’ follow-up as patients’ day-to-day life.

During the CES 2017, they present their ambitions for Motio HWTM, a connected bracelet dedicated to patients suffering from sleep apnea. Motio HWTM is the first democratized medical device wearable that prevents, diagnoses and monitors the sleep apnea. It collects biometrics data (actimetry, heart rate, oxymetry, respiratory rate) which are sent to an application. Those data are processed by a unique algorithm to better understand the sleeping profile of each patient and improve the quality of life.
Neogia details the next steps of R&D for Motio HWTM, with a focus on miniaturization and the adaptation to other healthcare major issues like seniors falling. Kyomed plans clinical evaluations based on the 4 physiological parameters generated by the device.

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