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6 Jan 2016

CES, Las Vegas, USA


Kyomed is participating in the CES event (Consumer Electronic Show) 6 to 9 January 2016 in Las Vegas, USA. CES has become the most important trade show dedicated to electronic technology innovations worldwide and welcomes 150,000 delegates from 150 countries.

Start-up companies, big industrial groups, journalists and technology enthusiasts mingle during these few days. The latest innovations presented are in the field of home automation, sport, transport, as well as connected health.

For Kyomed, this trade show represents a unique opportunity to reach out to the international market in connected health by meeting potential clients in the first instance who have developed a technology that is of major interest to healthcare, either by itself or integrated in a more comprehensive solution.

Kyomed will propose to these clients services to access European markets while assuring that the technology satisfies European criteria of usage, acceptability and regulation. The second objective of Kyomed at this trade show is to widen its network of international industries, insurances and all other organisations that could be interested in the distribution or co-development of e-health solutions

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