Health Markers

Innovations in connected health are opening up ever wider areas for investigation, the field of health markers being one of the most important. Convinced that they are a vital aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of pathologies, and that tomorrow they will be at the heart of prevention strategies in the areas of health and autonomous living, KYomed INNOV has created a department entirely devoted to them.

What is a health marker?

With the advent of medical biology, biomarkers have become an integral part of the process of diagnosis and management of patients. Though they are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the level of detection is becoming increasingly sensitive, they are often interpreted from a solely clinical standpoint and as such are not exploited to the full.

Combined with other factors collected digitally (biological, environmental, behavioral markers, etc.), biomarkers may have much more to contribute, especially prior to the pathology’s occurrence, in a preventative and health maintenance approach.

In addition, the integration of these multivariate parameters makes it possible to pursue a holistic approach, to consider the person’s state of health in its entirety; hence the wider concept of health markers as opposed to biomarkers.

Why KYomed INNOV is investing in this sector

KYomed INNOV has many reasons to invest in this cutting edge sector. First of all, as our Scientific Director Daniel Laune explains “Because health markers will, in our opinion, be key element in future medicine, which is becoming increasingly personalized and preventive.
Working to develop these markers is therefore consistent with KYomed INNOV’s primary objective, namely to participate in the development of innovative health solutions that are centered on the human.

The second reason is because the company is already operating at the interface of health monitoring, the digital world and health data analysis.

We are in contact with all the key actors capable of generating the data necessary for the emergence of these markers: healthcare facilities for the collection of clinical data; expert laboratories in the areas of omics and histology for the collection of biological data; and digital technologists for the collection of digital data (clinical, biological, behavioral, environmental etc).” As Daniel Laune underlines, “we collect, compile, analyze and combine this data to draw out the most relevant information for health monitoring.

Health markers, tools at the service of health professionals

Some might imagine that the long-term purpose of connected health devices and the health markers they measure is to substitute for the medical profession. “At KYomed INNOV, we believe, on the contrary, that the purpose of these tools first and foremost is to assist healthcare professionals: to help them make better and more rapid decisions about their patients by having access to a detailed pre-analysis of the fullest information” says Daniel Laune.

What health marker services does KYomed INNOV offer ?

KYomed INNOV draws on its expertise to assist its clients at every stage, from the collection of biological, clinical and digital data through to the identification of potentially relevant health markers and their clinical validation. With its network of partners, KYomed INNOV facilitates access to biobanks and cohorts, a crucial step for the identification and validation of health markers.

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KYomed INNOV masters all the steps necessary for the identification of health markers and their clinical validation, giving A to Z support to your project

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