Access to Biobanks and Cohorts

Biobanks and cohorts of subjects are essential elements in the identification and clinical validation of health markers. Thanks to its network, KYomed INNOV facilitates customers’ access to biobanks and cohorts, not only in Europe but also in the United States.

Biobanks to identify and validate biomarkers

KYomed INNOV has developed strong links with biological resource centers (BRCs) and an increasingly large network of doctors. “We can therefore obtain samples for our clients, whatever their project and be they retrospective – samples already available – or prospective – requiring the organization of a targeted collection. The samples come with associated clinical information; they can be of any kind (blood, tissue, urine, saliva, tear, etc.) and be prepared beforehand for the analysis (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.).” says the Health Markers department’s project manager.

Cohorts to identify and validate clinical, physiological, behavioral and environmental markers

Some markers cannot be measured via the obtention of physical samples; their analysis and clinical validation require cohorts of subjects. This is the case, for example, of certain clinical markers (e.g., stress test results), physiological (e.g., ECG), behavioral (e.g., physical activity) or environmental (e.g., outdoor temperature) markers.

In this case, the first step is to write the biomedical research protocol, submit it to the competent authorities and identify the research centers that will be able to recruit the subjects corresponding to the desired criteria (age, sex, antecedents, pathologies, treatments, etc.). The recruitment of subjects is accompanied by the collection of clinical and/or biological information previously as defined in the protocol.

The operational and regulatory steps to be implemented being the same as for any biomedical evaluation, this mission is supported by a project manager specializing in clinical evaluations.

In addition, thanks to our excellent knowledge of the connected health and autonomous living sectors, we can also collect real-life patient data via connected devices or mobile applications. This digital data is added to the clinical data collected in the context of medical appointments, and provides access to information on the lifestyles of the subjects studied.

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