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22 Jun 2018

A new step for KYomed INNOV

Press Release KYomed INNOV

Kyomed becomes KYomed INNOV

KYomed INNOV marks fourth birthday by reaffirming position in innovation and health

Starts developing its own digital tools; intends to grow both in France and internationally

Montpellier, France, June 19, 2018 – Kyomed, a French company offering services in connected healthcare, autonomy and personalized medicine, today marks its fourth anniversary by announcing that it is changing its name to KYomed INNOV. The company is also launching the development of its own digital tools and upping its involvement in international projects.

The very first proprietary digital tool to be developed by KYomed INNOV is an ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes). This application allows patients – in the context of biomedical research – to self-report on their symptoms, state of health and on the impact of medical interventions on their daily life, whilst in their everyday environment or on an outpatient basis. Unlike already available applications, it is fully customizable for investigators whilst remaining intuitive and very easy to use for patients.

This application answers new recommendations from the French regulatory health authorities. In October 2016, the French health authority HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) published a good practice guide[1] for connected health applications and devices. This recommends gathering data on how patients feel whilst both at a clinical center and in their everyday environment.

Thanks to this tool, KYomed INNOV’s clients will be able to integrate all of these data into their clinical studies and strengthen their applications with a view to achieving a CE and/or FDA mark. Pilot studies will run into the third quarter of 2018. Feedback from healthcare professionals and patients will be taken into account when making any improvements, if required. The ePRO will be available from November 2018, initially in French and English before being rolled out in other languages.

“To mark our company’s fourth birthday, we are making a fresh start with a new name and our first digital tool,” says Daniel Laune, president of KYomed INNOV. “Today, we are reinventing ourselves, using our expertise to launch global projects and to develop innovative solutions which offer a real benefit to our clients whilst putting people at the forefront of the initiative.”

The company also plans to support its expansion into the international market by participating in various conferences (Digital Biomarkers in Clinical Trials (June 20, 2018, Basel, Switzerland), MedFIT (June 26-27, 2018, Strasbourg, France) and PCT (November 27-29, 2018, Barcelona, Spain). KYomed INNOV already participates in important international projects, such as the European project POLLAR[2] (Impact of Pollution on Asthma and Rhinitis), which last year was awarded €2M ($2.3M) by EIT Health in the ‘Innovation by Design’ category. The project aims to define the link between pollution, pollen and respiratory conditions. The data is collected via an application (Allergy Diary), the development of which is being coordinated by KYomed INNOV.


About the ePRO

The ePRO is a software suite that includes an application for use by the patient and a web-based platform for use by clinical investigators. Patients fill out either a standard scientific electronic questionnaire or one specially designed for a certain study. These questionnaires relate to the symptoms experienced as well as the impact of the medical intervention on the patient’s quality of life. The patient can download the application, which comprises very simple and intuitive modules, onto their cell phone.

Investigators can then, via an ergonomic online platform, monitor the symptoms reported. This platform can communicate with other software; integrating seamlessly into their professional practice.

This application allows patients to report their symptoms as they occur carrying out their daily activities in their everyday environment and not retrospectively during medical appointments with their physician. This allows for more accurate and detailed reporting.

About KYomed INNOV

KYomed INNOV is a French company that offers integrated services to accelerate the development and market access of innovative products in the field of healthcare and autonomy. Its recent achievements include evaluating the use and functionalities of a connected pillbox prototype developed by Sanofi, as well as coordinating a worldwide project to develop and assess a smartphone application (Allergy Diary) for preventing, optimizing and personalizing treatment for allergic rhinitis. Founded in 2014, the company employs 11 staff. It is located in Montpellier, France.

[1] https://www.has-sante.fr/portail/jcms/c_2681915/fr/referentiel-de-bonnes-pratiques-sur-les-applications-et-les-objets-connectes-en-sante-mobile-health-ou-mhealth (section 2.7)

[2] https://www.eithealth.eu/pollar

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