Digital Innovation in Health and Autonomous Living

Digital health innovation is a growing industry at the crossroads of two worlds: healthcare and ICTs. Because of our position at their interface, KYomed INNOV has a unique understanding of the digital innovation landscape in health and autonomous living, in France and internationally.

Monitoring: a pre-requisite for any kind of support

Monitoring is an integral part of our approach: “Know what exists, what works and how, what fails and why … Monitoring is the foundation for all good support. It’s also one of our strengths because we involve our entire multidisciplinary staff and also bring on board the expertise of our network”, reports the head of commercial development.

Hence our 360° overview of the digital innovation landscape in the areas of health and autonomous living.

Promote progress in preventive and predictive medicine

Connected health and personalized medicine are fascinating subjects that each present their own huge challenges: this about advancing the frontiers of medicine, especially preventive and predictive medicine“, commented Daniel Laune the Scientific Director of KYomed INNOV.

Moreover, the impact in the health field of these innovations that utilize ICTs are multiple: they influence the supply of care, modifying the relationships between health professionals themselves, but also between health professionals and their patients, between patients and their caregivers …

The human being at the heart of innovation

Taking into account these different interactions is essential if innovations are to meet a positive reception and make the desired impact. “That’s why,’ he concludes, ‘we put people at the heart of innovation, indeed our whole approach at KYomed INNOV and why we pay so much attention to monitoring developments in this constantly changing sector.

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