Health Data Analysis – Data Mining

Only through a pertinent analysis do the data collected make sense. In order to fully exploit complex and heterogeneous data sets, KYomed INNOV has assembled an expert staff capable not only of understanding, managing and structuring the data, but also of analyzing them in a way that takes proper account of the health concerns to which they relate.

This competence in health data analysis is found in all three of the company’s departments; the expertise can be divided across four categories:

Biomathematics and biostatistics

The field of mathematics and statistics applied to human health is one of KYomed INNOV’s particular strengths. We develop and implement analytical methodologies adapted specifically to the needs of each of our clients. For each project, biomathematicians and medical experts work together to provide you with contextualized analysis. With the ultimate goal of obtaining relevant information for better decision-making the support we provide in mathematical modelling and statistical analysis combines accuracy and quality.


Biomarkers feature among the innovative tools that KYomed INNOV can help you identify. This sometimes requires the management of data from omics (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics …). This is why the bioinformatics section of KYomed INNOV focuses on bioinformatic analysis and gene expression and sequencing data analysis programs, and more broadly on omic data processing.

Human health database development

Integrating the heterogeneous parameters of human health (environmental, social, clinical and biological) calls for the development of complex databases. With its multidisciplinary staff, KYomed INNOV is able to build evaluative databases that are secure, reliable and of the highest quality.

Clinical decision support tool development

Once a data analysis has been accomplished, KYomed INNOV can help you, using dedicated tools, to identify indicators that will facilitate decision making. These then constitute new data series that are readily exploitable by healthcare professionals to assist their decisions and accelerate patient care (see Designing tools for monitoring health).

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