Usability & Innovation in Connected Health & Autonomy

The most innovative and efficient solution is worthless if it is not adopted by the people who are supposed to use it. Thanks to our “connected health & Autonomy” service entity which is dedicated to collaborative innovation, we share our experience in the management of eHealth and elder care projects and provide support at different stages of the development of our clients’ solutions.

The term eHealth covers many fields but they all share one central mission of harnessing the power of technology to deliver tomorrow’s solutions for healthcare and autonomy. Information and communication systems are at the heart of eHealth. In the area of care they are used to remotely monitor patient’s health, analyze data to identify health markers, and provide information that enables medical decisions to be made quickly and accurately. In the area of autonomy they are used to secure elderly people, maintain social connections, physical activity and intergenerational relationships.

The development of new eHealth technologies is a process which typically involves collaboration between a wide range of disciplines, including technology, data science, information and communication systems, medicine and biotechnologies. The mission of our “connected health and autonomy” service entity is to support our clients in the management and coordination of the whole innovation process, from initial design to evaluation and implementation in real life.

Usability & Innovation in Connected Health & Autonomy

Bringing expertise to the patient’s bedside

KYomed INNOV’s mission is to aggregate multi-disciplinary expertise to support innovative projects in healthcare, personalized medicine and elder care. We go further than conventional contract service providers by working with clients every step of the way, from initial concept to real life experimentation and then onwards to what is often the field implementation of a successful innovation.

Our belief is that the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases can be revolutionized by coupling connected health technologies with the latest advances in medical science. Together they optimize and accelerate innovation in healthcare and ultimately benefit citizen, patients and professionals.

At KYomed INNOV we support innovation in healthcare through three specialized services. In the service entity dedicated to connected health and autonomy, we enable collaborative innovation by drawing on the skills and experience of people with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of healthcare. These are not just medical professionals, scientists and technology experts. The KYomed INNOV community also includes patients and their relatives who bring their own unique insights to the development of new healthcare products and services.

Innovation through user experience

One of our core activity is to bring user experience (UX) into health and autonomy projects at the early stage of conception or prototyping. When a KYomed INNOV customer has a new device, application or digital service they wish to bring to market we start by offering strategic advice on the most effective evaluation procedures for their product. We then design an evaluation process that delivers the required outcomes within the customer’s budget and time constraints.

KYomed INNOV’s team manage the whole UX procedure, evaluating feasibility, choosing the suitable evaluation methods, recruiting volonteers and advising on the regulatory requirements of different countries.

None of this is achieved without direct experience. At KYomed INNOV we understand that the only way to gain a full understanding of the challenges, ergonomic needs and medical demands placed on healthcare technology is to actually see and experience it in action.

We take a dynamic and responsive approach to evaluating the experience of users and this starts right at the beginning of the development process. Working with entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, citizens and patients we test new innovations and technologies in real-life situations they will eventually be put to work in. Finally the feedback we get from this process enables our clients to refine their products to perfection before they release them to the market.

KYomed INNOV’s particular strength in medical innovation, is our holistic approach. As recommended by health authorities, we are able to carry out studies that combine clinical trials with user experiences evaluation to maximize cost-effectiveness while delivering the most comprehensive results possible.

Implementing innovative solutions in the pathway of care

One of the challenge of innovative digital solutions is to follow a patient from diagnosis through treatment to care outcomes. This digital care pathway brings significant benefits to patients and professionals by providing the health data needed to improve the quality of care, maximize cost efficiency, measure patient progress and monitor the effectiveness of specific therapies.

It is especially useful for older patients who might have more frequent needs for planned and monitored programs of healthcare. Our strategic advice and management expertise ensures that these digital care pathways are implemented successfully to bring long term benefits to the patients.

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You are volonteer

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