Health Markers

KYomed INNOV provides a holistic approach to promote the discovery and development of digital and biological health markers, involving clinical, behavioral, physiological and environmental information.

Our service entity dedicated to health markers encompasses the whole process of marker development including access to biobanks and cohorts, collection of biological and digital data, analysis of these data, identification of health markers and clinical validation. 

The expertise provided by KYomed INNOV aims at developing precision medicine, human subjects being taken as a whole. This approach enables patients to receive a personalized treatment based on their intrinsic characteristics and their living environment.

Health Markers

Kyomed innov’s holistic approach to health marker identification and development

Our platform offers a holistic way to identify health markers through the analysis of a wide range of patient data. Thanks to our expertise and our large network we assist our clients at every step of the way with biospecimen and cohort sourcing, biological analyses, data mining and clinical validation processes.

Our methodology aims at maximizing the discovery of markers in a time-effective manner. We integrate and combine clinical, biochemicalmolecular, physiologicalbehavioral and environmental data collected from biospecimens and/or cohorts.

For each project, we apply a contextualized approach to identify health markers with a high degree of accuracy, even when dealing with high data volumes and heterogenous data sets.

Finally, we assist our clients in the clinical validation of their markers to assess whether they are relevant in a medical context. This latter step is critical to prove their worth to health authorities, healthcare professionals and investors.

This approach aims at promoting the development of precision medicine and contributes to more effective prevention, diagnosis and therapies that are tailored to an individual patient’s characteristics and lifestyle.

We leverage our network of experts in biotechnologies for your project

KYomed INNOV health markers services rely on our team expertise as well as an outstanding network of scientific experts.

This includes laboratories, experts in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and histology, as well as experts in biomathematics, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

This gives us the perfect balance between technical facilities, raw data processing power and scientific knowledge to measure and analyze health markers.

Thanks to the breadth of our network, we can handle most kinds of data sources, including biological sources like urine, blood, tissue or saliva along with the digital data collected by eHealth apps or connected devices.

Our unique expertise and network enable us to adopt a truly holistic approach to discover health markers.

All data sources are considered, and no potentially clinically relevant information is omitted.

Data mining tools for health markers identification

To deal with our clients’ requirements and the new challenges of digital health, we have setup methods to integrate and combine heterogenous data sets.

Working closely with our clients, we carry out the data mining required to collect information and apply the right methodological approach to analyze data, leveraging the skills within our network. For each project, we associate medical and biostatistical expertise. We select the appropriate analytical methods from statistical models and machine learning algorithms. Then, we perform combinatorial analysis to identify clinically relevant health markers and signatures. Depending on the markers combinatorial complexity, we can adjust the computing resources to the project.

Understand data with the help  of medical experts

Our well-established network allows our data scientists to collaborate efficiently with healthcare professionals. KYomed INNOV is able to manage complex flows of data from multiple sources. Analysis is performed with the assistance of medical experts to place the results within a clinical context.

Analyzed data can include clinical and biological data, but extends beyond that as well, incorporating behavioral, physiological and environmental data from sources like connected devices, questionnaires or apps. These kind of digital data can be as clinically informative as histology or genomics, and our platform integrates them seamlessly into the health markers discovery process.

Clinical validation of health markers and access to biobanks and cohorts

The validation of health markers is a critical step of their development. KYomed INNOV facilitates the required access to biobanks containing liquid and solid biospecimens and patients’ cohorts.

Prior to clinical validation, we are able to provide solid evidence that health markers are sensitive, specific and reproducible. 

Clinical validation provides evidence of the safety and the performance of a given marker in the context of its intended use. This latter will define the regulatory requirement of clinical validation before entering the market. If health markers are intended to be used as a companion diagnostic test or surrogate endpoint, their validation is a requirement for approval by Health Authorities. 

This combination of expertise in health markers and clinical evaluation is what makes our platform so effective, since it allows us to follow our client over the whole project, from marker identification to market.

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