Usability & Innovation in Digital & Connected Health

Are you developing a project in the field of connected health or autonomous living?

A key factor for whether the solution you propose succeeds in the marketplace will be the degree to which it fits with the environment in which it is intended to be deployed. Assessing the conditions under which your envisaged solution will be used is a key factor for its success in the market.

Why assess the usability and acceptability of my innovation project?

For a new product or service in the fields of connected health or autonomous living to be successfully adopted, it must fit naturally into the lives of those to whom it is addressed. If this prerequisite is not respected, the user may not accept it and therefore not adopt it. To guarantee the usability and acceptability of your envisaged solution, it is therefore vital that its design be optimized by drawing upon on the users’ living conditions and experience.

Can I benefit from KYomed INNOV services?

You are a start-up in the field of connected health or autonomous living, a large pharmaceutical group, a company specializing in digital technology, health or autonomous living… KYomed INNOV can provide strategic assistance for the design of your solution, your positioning and your strategic development choices, international launch… Whatever your situation and the state of progress of your project, we offer a service adapted to your needs.

A pool of competencies at the service of an objective

Thanks to our thorough understanding of the connected health and autonomous living sectors, our integrated expertise, our network of partners and our comprehensive view of the processes through which innovative solutions are designed, we are able to help you ensure that your idea to help promote better health and/or greater independence becomes an effective solution.

KYomed INNOV’s method for collaborative innovation

Our method for achieving this goal is to place the users (patients, elderly persons, healthcare professionals, technicians, caregivers, etc.) at the heart of the innovation process. We take careful account of the specific particularities of the various environments in which the proposed solution will be used in order to help you deliver projects that coherently address the needs and the expectations on the ground.

Your project is taken in hand, at your side, by a dedicated project manager who assembles a tailor-made team that brings together the skill-sets necessary to accomplish the project.  In this way, your project is managed through a holistic approach that incorporates all the dimensions necessary both for its realization and its success:

  • technological (technological analysis and monitoring),
  • design (use and acceptability studies),
  • scientific and regulatory (project support),
  • ethics (confidentiality of personal data)
  • etc.

This is what we call collaborative innovation.

At KYomed INNOV, we place the human being at the heart of innovation to ensure the acceptability and the coherence of your solution with regard to the uses associated with it and the market.

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You are Project Leader

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