Designing Tools for Monitoring Health

Do you want to bring to market a health monitoring device? Certain aspects must be considered before proceeding with technical development — KYomed INNOV can help you to set out the most appropriate specifications.

Positioning the device in its environment

It is essential that the features of your device take into account the needs and abilities of the intended users. There is no point in spending a fortune with a developer to program dozens of features of which only two or three will be really useful and be used.

This is why we first of all examine the positioning of your tool alongside the associated services within its intended environment: What are the treatment paths for the problem being addressed? How does this device fit in with them? Etc.

Establishing suitable specifications

Once the positioning has been determined, we help develop the specifications. Based on the needs and constraints of the users – for example, the patient, but also caregivers and health professionals – these specifications integrate all the dimensions of the device’s intended use and the factors that might affect its adoption in order to ensure that the device is of optimal suitability“, explains our UX designer, project manager of the Usability and Innovation in Connected Health and Autonomous Living department.

Designing the device

The computer development phase of the device can then begin. For this, KYomed INNOV draws on the services of companies with particular specialization in the field of digital application development.

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