International Deployment of Digital Solutions

If having developed a digital solution in the field of health or autonomous living you then want to roll it out internationally, it is essential to take into account differences in usage environments and regulations.

To each country, its own usage environment…

A solution designed for the French market and its users will not necessarily be well adapted to the United States, or even to other European countries. Differences in care pathways, in the organization of health systems, the demarcations between treatments, lifestyle habits … all issues that can render your product less useful to the target market.

Because of its knowledge of the connected health and autonomous living sectors and its network of international partners, KYomed INNOV can help you identify these potential stumbling blocks and undertake targeted usage studies to identify the necessary adaptations. (Usability and acceptability studies).

… and its own regulatory framework

Another dimension that should not be overlooked is the legal framework. Here too, each country has its own rules; it is essential to know them before launching. “For this, we put our regulatory expert at your service, so that you can make informed choices and benefit from the support necessary to meet the regulatory constraints specific to the selected countries“, says Daniel Laune, KYomed INNOV’s Scientific Director.

Drawing on this expertise, KYomed INNOV has, for example, deployed an allergic rhinitis monitoring application, Allergy Diary, across more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia. In each of them it benefitted from advice from among its network of lawyers specializing in healthcare law. 

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