Whatever the project’s state of advancement, you may need support to move it further forward.

Comprehensive support

Our excellent knowledge of the connected health and autonomous living sectors enables us to assist you throughout your project and to address it in all its dimensions (scientific, technical, regulatory). Result: your project is taken care of in its entirety (holistic approach) to reach the most efficient solution possible.

Provision of an experienced project manager

To do this, we place at your disposal an experienced project manager with a solid knowledge of the connected health and autonomous living sectors and who is able draw on the combined expertise of a multidisciplinary team.

His responsibilities ? Oversee progress of the project, the budget, the schedule, relations with the subcontractors and the various other actors involved in your project, all the while keeping you regularly informed of developments.

Scientific and medical support

In addition to this dedicated support, your project is supported by the entire staff of KYomed INNOV, whether to answer a scientific or medical problem, or to settle a technical or regulatory issue.

For its scientific and medical expertise, the company draws not only on its professional personnel, but also its network of external experts. “We select and approach the most relevant experts to address each particular issue“, explains KYomed INNOV’s business development manager. Key opinion leaders, researchers in advanced fields, medical specialists… KYomed INNOV has forged a network of experts that serves as a valuable support in helping to develop solutions in their fields of medical and scientific specialization.

Technical and regulatory support

KYomed INNOV makes available to you a large network academic and industrial expertise, developed by the company over a number of years. “Over the course of successive projects our network is continually growing and being enriched by niche-level expertise. We identify the most relevant expertise and experience and put them at the service of our clients’ projects”, says the Business Development Manager.

For matters of regulation, to give you the necessary assistance we are able to draw on the support of experienced professionals, including a law firm dedicated to the medical sector and another specializing in health law.

You areProject leader

You are Project Leader

You are developping a digital and/or connected healthcare solution. This is our expertise and we may help you to accelerate the time to market by bringing the right expertise at the right time.

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You arevolonteer

You are a tester

You are or want to become a tester and you want to know the tests in progress.

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