Technological Analysis and Monitoring

You envisage developing a connected device that would detect and analyze parameters of interest associated with a particular therapeutic indication. But you need help in order to identify the parameters most relevant for optimal monitoring and to undertake a review of the state of the art in this field before embarking on the creation of a prototype? We can help you.

From the parameter to its measurement

Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the connected health and autonomous living sectors, we can assist you in making realistic and efficient digital innovations in health. As Daniel Laune, KYomed INNOV’s Scientific Director, says: “In association with our network of partners – scientific experts, clinicians, start-ups, etc. – we can carry out technological monitoring specifically targeted to your needs: Who are the principal figures working in the field? Which parameters are typically measured to characterize the pathology that interests me? How are they measured? etc.“.

From measurement to innovation

KYomed INNOV allows you to answer these questions and in particular to identify the technologies capable of measuring the defined parameters. From then on, your project becomes tangible: you have the elements necessary to carry it out. As you enter a new phase, other questions may arise: How can the technologies that we have identified be utilized to achieve the envisaged solution? Which should be given priority ? Under what conditions can I use it? …

360° accompaniment

We can assist you through the successive phases of your innovation project and in all its dimensions, until its complete development and market launch. Our multidisciplinary team gives you access to all the skills necessary to successfully carry out your project, ensuring that it is technologically viable, but also robust and coherent (Scientific, technical and regulatory support), in phase with the reality on the ground (Use and acceptability studies) and responding to the strategic objectives that you have set (Identification of health markers, Designing tools for monitoring health, International deployment of digital solutions…).

You areProject leader

You are Project Leader

You are developping a digital and/or connected healthcare solution. This is our expertise and we may help you to accelerate the time to market by bringing the right expertise at the right time.

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You arevolonteer

You are a tester

You are or want to become a tester and you want to know the tests in progress.

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