Use and Acceptability Studies

What are the users’ needs? Their expectations? What do they particularly like? What are their abilities? Their limits? Their constraints? What are the particular characteristics of their environment ? There are so many questions to which a reasoned answer is made possible by a study of use and acceptability.

What is a use study?

A use study assesses the practical, everyday use of a product, service, space or interface, its usability and its acceptability. It focuses on the user experience (UX) and therefore employs methodologies developed in the area of design thinking.

Three types of use study

Depending on the extent of the project’s progress, KYomed INNOV proposes three types of study:

  • under real conditions (when your product or service is functional, ready for deployment),
  • in test workshops (when your product is under development: you have a functional model but the prototype is yet to be finalized),
  • through individual interviews or focus groups (when you are at the ideas stage or when your product or service is at the very beginning of its development).

An overall vision of the health journey

For all of our studies, KYomed INNOV takes care to consider the user within his/her environment. All stakeholders are taken into account in order to study the proposed solution’s entire usage environment. Thus, a home support device targeting people over the age of 75 will be tested with this specific target group but also with caregivers and health professionals who have experience of the particular matter”, says our UX designer, project head in the Usability and Innovation department.

Why undertake a use study ?

From the initial beginnings of the project, use studies facilitate the validation of the underlying concept and help define its strategic positioning in the market. They are not a substitute for market studies, but serve rather to complement them with qualitative elements.

In later phases, in addition to evaluating the main criteria (usability, acceptability), usage studies highlight any means of improvement or potential obstacles to successful adoption that might have been observed, as well as support for the intended economic model.

In October 2016, France’s Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) published a benchmark of good practice in which it recommends carrying out certain evaluations, including those relating to usability. In addition, the IEC 62366 standard, which specifies usability requirements for the development of medical devices, makes mention of this need. Instead of perceiving this standard as a constraint to be fulfilled before going to market,

KYomed INNOV proposes that questions related to use and usability be fully integrated upstream at the design stage in order to optimally orient the product’s development.

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