Who we are?

KYomed INNOV is a multidisciplinary enterprise supported by a network of expert partners.
Our mission ? To assist those engaged in shaping the medicine of tomorrow in the fields of connected healthcare and autonomous living.

A bridge between healthcare and digital to shape the medicine of the future

KYomed INNOV offers a range of services for companies of all sizes in the digital health sector seeking to develop innovative solutions (products or services) for connected healthcare and autonomous living.

These services are grouped across three departments:

In the course of its activities, KYomed INNOV also assists healthcare establishments and public bodies, such as health insurance agencies, with a view, for example, to developing the means by which ambulatory patients might be more effectively followed-up, or elderly patients might prolong their independence.

A substantial professional network that extends beyond national borders

KYomed INNOV is located in Montpellier (France), in the Biopôle Euromédecine. The company is perfectly integrated within the local economy thanks to the strong ties it has developed with other companies and with the relevant regional agencies.

This network indeed extends well beyond the region: KYomed INNOV collaborates with a range of healthcare establishments and district authorities across France, Europe, as well as overseas (in the United States in particular).

Creation of KYomed INNOV: the meeting of two worlds

KYomed INNOV was created in April 2014. At its origin lay: a shared desire on the part of private and public actors involved in the Eurobiomed Competitiveness Cluster; a project, the winner of the Strategic Industrial Sectors program in 2013; and five key shareholders.

In December 2009, there took place a major industrial conference organized by the French Ministry of Economy and Industry, which sought to bring about closer cooperation between the health and ICT sectors.

At that time, digital innovations in the health sector were in their infancy and coordination between the two worlds required that a common tempo be found; this was not going to be straightforward since the innovation cycle in digital technologies can be as short as a few months, as compared with as much as ten years for innovations in health.

Moreover, advancing in lockstep would likely result in regulatory constraints in one sector curbing the dynamism of the other… In this context, it was difficult to predict whether the heavyweights of the pharmaceuticals industry or the emerging start-ups would be the most likely to develop the tools and services that would shape the medicine of tomorrow.

This was the context in which, under the impetus of the Eurobiomed Competitiveness Cluster, a project emerged that would draw together the combined experience and expertise of some fifty players from these two worlds: the Center for Research and Industrial Innovation (CR2i). The objective: to promote the emergence of innovations in connected health. Three years later, in 2014, as the successor to CR2i, Kyomed was created.

In 2018, Kyomed was renamed KYomed INNOV in order to better highlight the company’s innovative approach and its engagement in international projects; the renaming has also served to mark the launch of our own range of digital tools, specifically designed to place the human being at the heart of the company’s activities and to give added depth to the support we offer to our clients.

KYomed INNOV - Research Tax Credit Approved KYomed INNOV has been Research Tax Credit Approved for 2018, 2019 and 2020 (CIR).

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