Our commitments

From the goal we have set for ourselves (cf Our values ​​and objectives) there follow a series of commitments which characterize the work of each member of staff at KYomed INNOV:

Flexibility: we adapt to your situation and to the progress of your project in order to offer you the most suitable support.

Expertise and Experience: we work in advanced sectors that require perfect knowledge both of the topic and its application; that is why we have recruited experienced people who can be fully relied on.

Listening: we remain attentive to your needs and issues throughout our collaboration so that your interests are always at the forefront of our work.

Neutrality and rigor: we carry out studies with complete independence and according to protocols that meet the criteria of scientific rigor essential for the ultimate validation of the solutions we test.

Confidentiality: we guarantee, first of all, the total confidentiality of the information you provide us in the course of our collaboration; we also provide you with the support necessary to ensure that your data protection measures meet all regulatory standards to which you are required to conform.

Quality: in 2016 KYomed INNOV commenced the certification process for the ISO 9001 quality standard, thereby placing the entire company on a performance management dynamic.

You are Project leader

You are project manager

Health innovation and personalized medicine are our expertise. We may help you to accelerate the development of biomarkers, connected medical devices or digital healthcare solutions by bringing the right expertise at the right time.

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You are volonteer

You are volonteer

You are a citizen, a patient, a care provider, or a healthcare professional, and you wish to reshape with us the future of healthcare? KYomed INNOV welcomes and value you as full partner in the health innovation process. Learn more about us and join our community.

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