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Connected medical device FOR THE monitoring CARDIORESPIRATORY parameters

A clinical feasibility study was done in the USA by KYomed INNOV.

New digital services for pensioners


Carsat Languedoc-Roussillon and KYomed INNOV are joining forces to develop new digital services for pensioners in Languedoc Roussillon (France). Evaluation of usages & acceptability by 600 retired volunteers. Participants are testing 8 solutions at home for three months. 

Allergy Diary by MACVIA/ARIA 

Allergy Diary by MACVIA/ARIA is a smartphone application used under medical supervision that aims at preventing, optimizing and personalizing the treatment of allergic rhinitis. The app is being deployed in 14 European countries and we plan to extend it to 12 additional countries in the near future. 

KYomed INNOV is in charge of coordinating this multipartner pan European project. We are also in charge of data management, to make sure that the app complies with usages and regulation across all 26 countries, and to develop a predictive analytic tool and a clinical decision support system.

European Union - FEDER

Project Co-financed By The European Regional Development Fund


Connected Pillbox 

KYomed INNOV has evaluated the usage and functionalities of a connected pillbox prototype. The evaluation has been performed on a panel of 100 users including patients, family caregivers and health professionals (pharmacists, nurses, family doctors, private and hospital specialists). Based on the results of this evaluation, a number of recommendations have been issued and will serve to adapt the concept to the real life constraints that have been identified.


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