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A multidisciplinary team of health experts to serve your health projects

Daniel LAUNE Ph.D. (CEO & Scientific Director)

Daniel LAUNE has more than 20 years of experience in biomarker discovery and validation for diagnostic or theranostic applications. He obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry and immunology from the University of Montpellier. After several years at Biomérieux, Daniel joined Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur as team leader in diabetes. He continued his career at Bio-Rad and held different positions, the last one as plant manager and Director of a mix public/private Research Center for 8 years.

He managed different multi-partner projects in the field of biomarkers for the prediction and follow-up of chronic and infectious diseases. He is member of the scientific committee of the health competitiveness cluster EUROBIOMED. Daniel is now the President and Scientific Director of KYomed INNOV. His work led him to interact with companies and scientists from Europe, USA and Asia. Daniel is passionate about innovation. He is a fervent supporter of bringing new products on the market for the benefit of patients and health professionals.

Sabrina SERPILLON Ph.D. (Manager, Clinical Investigations)

Sabrina is passionate about both technology advances and medicine. Through her work experience, she has been specializing in the preclinical and clinical development of drugs and medical devices. She obtained her Ph.D. in pharmacology and cardiovascular physiology from the University of Nantes, France, and then completed a three-year postdoc in New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY, USA. Back to France, she worked in preclinical Contract Research Organizations for 7 years before joining KYomed INNOV in 2014.

She brings her knowledge of physiopathological mecanisms as well as her extensive experience in contract research to guide clients from the design of their studies through their execution.


Her mission : "Listen, understand our clients challenges, provide assistance in designing their clinical trials in line with their calendar, budget and regulatory requirements".

Eve MATHIEU-DUPAS Kyomed Eve MATHIEU-DUPAS Ph.D. (Head of Data Mining)

Eve is passionate about discovery and innovation in human health. She has more than 10 years of experience in biostatistics and biomathematics applied to human health. She obtained her Ph.D. in biostastistics and applied mathematics from the University of Montpellier (France) and gained experience in several areas of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research. From 2006 to 2015, she worked at Bio-Rad first as Research & Development project leader and then as team leader.

She was in charge of structuring, developing and promoting a biostatistics service platform dedicated to the support of research activities in the field of diagnostics. In January 2016, Eve joined KYomed INNOV as Data-Mining Project Manager. She brings expertise and methodology to analyze health data and answer clinical questions. She also applies her experience with the coordination of multipartners projects to best serve our clients’ projects.

Clinical Manager Matthieu MERLOT Master Management (Project Manager Clinical Evaluation)

Curious, enthusiastic, having a natural inclination for new technologies and a valuable experience in clinical research, Matthieu joined the team of KYomed INNOV in January 2019. Holding two masters’ degrees both in science and management, he specializes in clinical research by training as a Clinical Research Associate and integrating the Cancer Institute of Montpellier.

He worked first as clinical research associate and then as clinical project manager. During this period, he developed a valuable experience in the management of clinical studies in the fields of oncology, surgery, anesthesia and clinical biological databases. His role at KYomed INNOV is to put his expertise and field experience at the service of ambitious and innovative projects. While working with Matthieu, you will appreciate his involvement and his desire to simplify what may at first glance seem complicated.

Pierre-Alexandre EBLE Master Project Engineering (Project Manager UX and Innovation)

Graduate of a Master 2 in Project Engineering and with a strong experience in new technologies (Project Manager in IT services) and motor disability (Health Project Manager at AFM-Telethon), Pierre-Alexandre has a pronounced taste for the development of innovative solutions (products or services) for vulnerable people.

His empathy and his practice of UX allow him to listen and understand, in a fine way, the needs of the end-users and their ecosystem, in order to value them in innovation projects. These are his assets as UX and Innovation Project Manager.

His approach could be: “We cannot presume anything, especially when the human is at the heart of the matter; however, it is possible to approach by iteration, a reality respectful of the needs of users and of their ecosystems. Keeping the mind free and open allows right codesigns”.

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