Our values and objectives

KYomed INNOV, a holistic approach to healthcare

Centered on the human being, KYomed INNOV’s activities extend to fully encompass the human environment and the entirety of the care process. “Each of the solutions that we accompany is developed according to this humane and holistic approach to health’, says Daniel Laune, the company’s Scientific Director. ‘This is why we take great interest in usability studies and in clinical evaluations.

A product or service, as innovative as it might be, will be of no use if proper account is not taken during its development of the aptitudes, the preferences and the limits of the users for whom it is intended, as well as their entourage – their family, the healthcare professionals and so forth. This is how we understand personalized medicine.

Personalized medicine accessible to the greatest number

The principal objective of KYomed INNOV is to help develop personalized medicine that places the human being at the center of innovations in connected health and autonomous living. KYomed INNOV team members are therefore at your service to develop straightforward and easy-to-use solutions which are also affordable and can therefore benefit the greatest number.

We pay a particular attention to ensuring compliance with state healthcare reimbursement eligibility requirements, thereby placing even the most sophisticated technology within wide reach.

You areProject leader

You are Project Leader

You are developping a digital and/or connected healthcare solution. This is our expertise and we may help you to accelerate the time to market by bringing the right expertise at the right time.

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You are a tester

You are or want to become a tester and you want to know the tests in progress.

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