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KYomed INNOV supports you in making your medical devices and digital health solutions safer and more accessible.

We can support you throughout your project, according to your needs, from the upstream steps to commercialization and beyond!

The 4 key steps of your project


From idea to project


From project to product


From product to market


From potential market to success !

Step 1 "Formalization : from idea to project"

You have an idea or intuition that you want to challenge/formalize.

In this step, the goal is for you to understand the needs of your users, the economic realities of your market, and the use of your future generated data. Following this, we will formalize together the overall roadmap that transforms your idea into a project.

Step 2 "Design : from project to product (to solution)"

This step is crucial for the launch of your project.

In order to best realize your project while reducing your development costs and time, we help you define the key points in the development of your digital health solution (e-health).

At this stage, you will need to design and test your prototype, manage the development of your solution, and build your clinical strategy.

Step 3 "Validation : from product to market"

Now your solution meets the expectations of your users and the market, while respecting compliance standards. It’s time to validate it scientifically !

Human Factor Engineering (HFE) will be the first step, then depending on your clinical strategy, we will support you in the design of your clinical study and its achievement.

Step 4 "Commercialization: from potential market to success!"

Your solution is now expected by your market !

However, regulation requires you to monitor your solution in real-life conditions by conducting post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF).

With the data generated by your solution, you can enhance them and improve your solution based on users feedback.

Our expertises

Our support is based on 5 areas of expertise :

Customer Success

Make your project a success

Clinical CRO

Assess the performance and security of your solution

User Experience

Optimize the integration of your solution in its ecosystem

Health Data

Maximize the value of your data

Project Management

Strengthen your team around your project

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Quels critères de sélection utilise-t-on pour évaluer un centre avant sélection ?
  • La formation des investigateurs (médecins qualifiés selon la spécialité, …)
  • La capacité d’un centre à réaliser la recherche
  • Le potentiel de recrutement adéquat (file active de patients)
  • Un plateau technique adapté
  • Des ressources humaines disponibles pour la réalisation de l’étude 


La première étape commence dans les phases amont d’idéation, nous pouvons vous accompagner, grâce à différentes méthodes, pour vous assurer que vous connaissez bien vos futurs utilisateurs ainsi que leurs besoins et attentes. Cela permettra de construire des bases solides pour votre solution. 


Par la suite, il faudra s’assurer de l’intégration de votre solution dans un parcours de soins ainsi que de son acceptabilité par ses futurs utilisateurs. D’autres méthodes existent également afin de construire, challenger et garantir cela. 


Enfin, développer une solution numérique, c’est aussi s’assurer de son utilisabilité par les futurs utilisateurs, c’est-à-dire construire, tester et améliorer l’interface afin qu’il soit facile d’utilisation et donc plus facilement adopté. Nous pouvons pour cela construire une maquette interactive de votre solution qui va être challengée auprès des futurs utilisateurs.  
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