About us

KYomed INNOV is a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to make digital health safer and more accessible.

KYomed INNOV offers a range of services for companies of all sizes in the health and digital sectors (start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, laboratories, etc.), as well as public organizations (healthcare organizations, regions, metropolises, etc.).

We support project owners in the development of their products or services about a medical device or health solution.

Our support is based on 5 expertises:

We work throughout France, but also in Europe and internationally.

KYomed INNOV is also a network of qualified partners with complementary skills and expertises, enabling us to support you throughout your project.

We collaborate with other expert structures in their field (regulatory, market access, IT development, etc.), with networks of patients, healthcare professionals and institutions, as well as with funders.

We also work in synergy with “ecosystem facilitators“: competitiveness clusters, incubators, accelerators, clusters, and other similar structures.

Our Team

Angélique FONTAINE

Digital Health Project Manager

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Sales, Marketing & Communication

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Daniel LAUNE


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Head of Data Mining and Health Innovation Projects

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Géraldine BATOT

Senior Clinical Project Manager

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Assistant Clinical Project Manager

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Product Designer

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Head of Business Development

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Assistant Project Manager, Marketing & Communication

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Our values

To achieve this, the members of the KYomed INNOV team are at the service of your project to develop safe and accessible solutions so that they can benefit as many people as possible.



We adapt to the progress of your project and to your situation to offer you the most appropriate support.

Experience & Expertise

We work in cutting-edge sectors that require a perfect knowledge of the subjects and the field; this is why we have recruited experienced people on whom you can rely with complete confidence.


We remain attentive to your needs and problems throughout our collaboration so that your issues remain at the heart of the work we realize with you.

Neutrality & rigor

We carry out studies in complete independence and according to protocols that meet the scientific rigor criteria for the effective validation of tested solutions.



On the one hand, we guarantee complete confidentiality of the information you provide to us within the framework of our collaboration, and, on the other hand, we support you to ensure that the protection of the data you collect meets the regulatory constraints in force.


Since 2016, KYomed INNOV has started a quality approach that places the entire team in a dynamic of performance management and customer satisfaction.

Our story


December 2009

General states of the industry, organized by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, which aims to see a closer relationship between the health (pharmaceutical, medical device, etc.) and digital (information and communication technologies – ICT) sectors.


December 2013

Acceptance by the Prime Minister of our project to create a structure to support innovations in digital health. The project is a winner of the future investment program, strategic industrial sectors.


April 2014

Creation of Kyomed


May 2014

Kyomed is located in the Euromedicine Biopole of Montpellier Méditerrannée Métropole, in the Cap Gamma building.

September 2014

Introduction of the first digital health support projects.

January 2015

Structuring of the User Experience activity

April 2015

Inauguration of the premises

January 2016

Development of the Data Analysis activity

December 2016

Launch of the quality approach for the company


Creation of the Clinical activity as a CRO (Contract Research Organization)


Kyomed becomes KYomed INNOV:

A new name that illustrates our innovative approach and our involvement in international projects, marked by our new logo that reinforces the place of the human being at the center of our activities and the support we offer to our customers.


KYomed INNOV is accelerating its positioning in digital health, around its expertises :

  • real-life data (RWD, RWE) for the clinic,
  • data analysis for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions,
  • UX on care paths and the organizational impact of digital solutions
  • etc …

Contact us

If you have a digital health project, our entire team is here to help you.

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Quels critères de sélection utilise-t-on pour évaluer un centre avant sélection ?
  • La formation des investigateurs (médecins qualifiés selon la spécialité, …)
  • La capacité d’un centre à réaliser la recherche
  • Le potentiel de recrutement adéquat (file active de patients)
  • Un plateau technique adapté
  • Des ressources humaines disponibles pour la réalisation de l’étude 


La première étape commence dans les phases amont d’idéation, nous pouvons vous accompagner, grâce à différentes méthodes, pour vous assurer que vous connaissez bien vos futurs utilisateurs ainsi que leurs besoins et attentes. Cela permettra de construire des bases solides pour votre solution. 


Par la suite, il faudra s’assurer de l’intégration de votre solution dans un parcours de soins ainsi que de son acceptabilité par ses futurs utilisateurs. D’autres méthodes existent également afin de construire, challenger et garantir cela. 


Enfin, développer une solution numérique, c’est aussi s’assurer de son utilisabilité par les futurs utilisateurs, c’est-à-dire construire, tester et améliorer l’interface afin qu’il soit facile d’utilisation et donc plus facilement adopté. Nous pouvons pour cela construire une maquette interactive de votre solution qui va être challengée auprès des futurs utilisateurs.  

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