Our Partners Network

KYomed INNOV has built a network of qualified and complementary partners and subcontractors to support you throughout the development of your digital health solution.

This network of partners includes many regional, national or even international actors, whether public or private and of varying sizes.

We build a team around your project, integrating the different types of expertises you need, to make your project a success.


National actors


Regional actors


Complementary Expertises

National actors

AFCROs, the French Association of CROs, clinical research companies

KYomed INNOV has been a member of the AFCROs for several years and our teams participate in working groups to...

BPI France, national public investment bank

The KYomed INNOV team is one of BPI France’s experts for its Digital Health Incubator within the HUB. We support...

Forum of Living Labs in Health and Autonomy

KYomed INNOV supports project owners with the Forum to work on the coherence between the developed solutions, the user’s needs...

G_NIUS, the National e-Health Innovation and Usage Desk

KYomed INNOV is referenced on G_NIUS as one of the major players in digital health support.

G_NIUS is the National...


Through the Viva Lab initiative, KYomed INNOV is referenced as an expert to accompany project leaders to test their solutions...

The EIT Health

KYomed INNOV has participated in numerous consortia to innovate in digital health at both the French and European levels through...

The French Tech, the ecosystem of French startups

KYomed INNOV has been a member of the French Tech since its creation.

“La French Tech” is the French movement...

Regional actors

Digital 113

Digital 113 connects, supports and federates the digital actors of Occitania in order to develop the excellence of their companies.

Eurasante, an accelerator in the Hauts-de-France region

As an exclusive partner in the field of digital health, we work with Eurasanté’s project leaders on the key issues/factors...


Europe’s first Silver Economy incubator anchored in a system of excellence and innovation in Arras, in the Hauts-de-France region.


Eurobiomed is one of the founders of KYomed INNOV. Today, we support members of the cluster on the key success...

Noveka, local association

KYomed INNOV is an active member of the Noveka community for several years.

Noveka brings together expertise and resources of...

SilverOcc, Silver Economy cluster in Occitania

KYomed INNOV is a member of the Silver Occ cluster since its creation We help to make the voice of...

The Occitania Region

Complementary Expertises

Alira Health

Alira Health’s mission is to enable healthcare transformation. They complement your expertise with a comprehensive suite of patient-centric data and...


AlisPharm is a recognized engineering and consulting company that supports pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers in the development and...


BlueKaravan supports entrepreneurs in their digital innovation projects.
Their approach is global and based on a solid methodology adapted...


MedConsult advises and supports companies in accessing the market for medical devices, procedures, and health technologies....


Medsharing designs and markets eCRF solutions for clinical research for over 20 years. They have created EOL© (Study On Line),...


Peercode is a developer of software products and services at the intersection of medicine, care, health, and...


Vigipharm is a health product vigilance company. They take care of all aspects of your health vigilance, from the creation...

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Quels critères de sélection utilise-t-on pour évaluer un centre avant sélection ?
  • La formation des investigateurs (médecins qualifiés selon la spécialité, …)
  • La capacité d’un centre à réaliser la recherche
  • Le potentiel de recrutement adéquat (file active de patients)
  • Un plateau technique adapté
  • Des ressources humaines disponibles pour la réalisation de l’étude 


La première étape commence dans les phases amont d’idéation, nous pouvons vous accompagner, grâce à différentes méthodes, pour vous assurer que vous connaissez bien vos futurs utilisateurs ainsi que leurs besoins et attentes. Cela permettra de construire des bases solides pour votre solution. 


Par la suite, il faudra s’assurer de l’intégration de votre solution dans un parcours de soins ainsi que de son acceptabilité par ses futurs utilisateurs. D’autres méthodes existent également afin de construire, challenger et garantir cela. 


Enfin, développer une solution numérique, c’est aussi s’assurer de son utilisabilité par les futurs utilisateurs, c’est-à-dire construire, tester et améliorer l’interface afin qu’il soit facile d’utilisation et donc plus facilement adopté. Nous pouvons pour cela construire une maquette interactive de votre solution qui va être challengée auprès des futurs utilisateurs.  

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