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To help you improve your company’s value creation, we act on the key levers of success in digital health.

8 key success factors concern your structure.

6 key success factors concern your solution.

These key factors are derived from the literature and research. They cover all the crucial topics that need to address to have a solid foundation.
They are combined with our expertise and the integrative support we can offer you. This allows you to cover all these critical points to make your project a success.

The key factors of customer success

8 key factors for your structure

Find out more about the 8 indicators you need to follow for your company to succeed.


6 key factors for your solution

Find out more about the 6 essential parameters for your product or service to succeed.

The 8 key success factors for a digital health company

Implement the 8 must-have indicators for your company to succeed.


An optimal financial balance for your organization.

The team

Your team dynamics and operation.

The business model

Your perceived value on the market.

The scientific background

The strength of your team’s scientific expertise.

Clinical investigations

Demonstration of the performance and safety of your solution.


An optimized regulatory strategy and your organization’s structure around it.

Usage studies

Optimized acceptability and usability of your solution.

Advice and ecosystem

Your ability to listen and surround yourself.

Next step?

Once you have a solid foundation, you must now work on the key success factors of your product or service.

The 6 key success factors of an e-health solution

Implement the 6 essential parameters around the user experience for your product or service to succeed.

Expectation of effort

Is the effort required to use your solution acceptable?

Performance expectations

Does your solution meet the needs of your users?

Social influence

How to optimize the self-propagation of your solution?

Facilitating conditions

Is the support you provide to your users in their use of your solution optimal?

Perceived security

How do your users rate the security of their data?

Psychological appropriation

How your solution becomes your users’ solution?

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